What Others Say About Jim

“NICE work!”

“I just wanted to take a second to say that I LOVED Jim’s explanation of how he’d address myths with a client. He was clear, did great at educating them, and brought in examples of things they could connect to. NICE work!” – Cari Moisan

“…helps his audience grow…”

“Jim has a strong ability to be encouraging to others. He offers unique insights about important personal growth areas and expresses those insights in inspiring ways that helps his audience grow in life-changing ways.” – Jacqueline Aiyana

“…speaks with their voice…”

“Jim is great at putting himself ‘in the shoes’ of others and adopting their position as his own. He speaks with their voice while communicating from their point-of-view effectively.” – Clemente Davlin

“…has the ability to recognize what is valuable…”

“Jim can find ‘the next step’ that will help keep a project moving forward. He can look at “the big picture” to find problem areas, and then apply effective strategies and techniques that help work towards improvement in the given set of circumstances. He has the ability to recognize what is valuable (or potentially valuable) in certain ideas, people, and/or solutions.” – Derek Leander


“Jim does a great job at seeing where people are and help them to understand themselves… giving clarity to those who want to accomplish things in their life.” – Shirley Holt

“…clarity and direction…”

“Jim has the unique strength of being able to give both clarity and direction to a person, even when that person doesn’t realize they need either one.” – Sarah Rainey

“…willing to help…”

“Jim is willing to help at any time… always open with any problems that we may have, and is the first to jump in and help solve the issue.” – Jack Blackburn

“…knows what actions to take…”

“I think Jim’s most noticeable strength is that he knows what actions to take to get important projects done and can communicate the most efficient and effective way to accomplish them. He is also good at showing how to take those actions and turn them into smaller steps that can be done without overwhelm.” – Ethan Thomas

“…able to hear the real message…”

“Jim is very often able to hear the real message that someone is trying communicate.”
Jeremy Smith